Monday, March 8, 2021


Good morning from a FINALLY thawing out Cold Antler Farm! It’s been the last night near the single digits (crossing fingers) and if that is so then moving into spring should be a lot easier without sliding over sheets of ice that used to be a farmyard. As I write that ice is melting and the dogs’ nails aren’t going to needed half as often during morning chores.

Weather aside, this farm is moving forward as if spring is here. Seedlings are sprouting in trays. The sounds of ten little meat bird chicks chipping in the brooder. The horses have started shedding their winter coats. The hawk will be released back into the wild this week. And plans for spring piglets being delivered, first real mountain hiking in a while, and the beginnings of planning the garden are in the works!

In more exiting news to you, the reader, this blog will soon be retired and replaced with a new website, blog (all of this will be archived) and an easier way to order soap, art, logos, classes, books, etc. Finally getting ducks in a row. Hope you are all well and safe and that spring light if lifting your heart a bit. Here things are a steady drum, safer than in days past, saving for a truck, hopeful for the future.

Picture of Cade by Miriam Romais!


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