Friday, February 19, 2021

The Best We Have

Much has happened in the last few weeks, and almost all of it has to do with moving across the landscape! I’ve been walking and running, and it feels good to get some miles on my running shoes again. Yesterday I was able to run my first 5k without needing to stop to catch my breath or walk, just three solid and slow mountain miles. It was slippery and icy and 22° but I still made it out and back and I’m hungry for more. I wish daylight didn’t have so much to do with my running habit but it does. Once the days grow short I have zero interest in moving. I only care about eating cheese and hibernating. So to feel my body stretch and move has been crucial to feeling better and hopeful about spring.

Besides my own movement I am still on the lookout for a new (to me) pickup truck. My budget is under 3k so you can imagine there hasn’t been a lot of luck out there. But I am hopeful, and friends are on the lookout for a suitable replacement. Right now we only have the one vehicle, a hatchback, which isn’t idea for moving livestock (though we certainly have!) and so the hunt is on. If you are local and see one of good repute, do let me know.

Besides my running and the lack of a truck that does: mostly we are getting through a very hard winter. Hard in the way that the plumbing entirely stopped draining and it took 2 visits from a professional team of plumbers, my own work of digging out the septic tank from frozen ground, and a really hard thaw day to remove the clog. But now we have a shower again and that feels like a real lifestyle upgrade. Firewood and hay both also had to be bought in this month, that cost with the plumbing bill was a real smack to the moxie but I can’t tell you how much a hot shower helps you lick your wounds.

And I am working daily on a new, very personal book about what happened to me over the past ten years. I am proud of it, though progress is slow. I am writing it for women like me, or really anyone who had to work hard to figure out who they were. The intro is entirely about possums so look forward to that.

Spring seeds are ordered. We got a pair of breeding meat rabbits in barter! And chicks will be chirping away any week now soon as the feed stores stock them. Our sturdy meat birds had their best year ever last summer and I think we may double our efforts there because of friends and family interest. I am already dreaming of hiking, river swims, casting dry flies, and sandals in the grass. What a gift warmer weather will be!

That’s all for now. If you don’t see many updates here you can always hear me yip yapping on Twitter or Instagram and emails are always open. I hope all of you are safe and with loved ones through what I hope is the end of this pandemic. Find healing and solace in community, farms, friends, and kind dogs. It’s the best we have.