Saturday, January 23, 2021

Truck for Sale! (and updates)

Well! There's a lot to update you on round here! Starting with my heavy decision to sell my beloved truck, Taylor. She's a 1989 4WD F150 and my main ride the past half decade. Besides repairs out costing the expense of a newer, used, truck - I simply need a more reliable vehicle. I am hoping someone who needs a trusty farm or plow truck will buy her. I'm aslig $1200 and hoping to make a sale soon. So far, no luck. But who knows? Maybe one of you need a slightly rusted red farmhand? Email if you do!

The farm has 2 new additions, a pair of meat rabbits gifted from a friend. They are being given their own run near the chicken coop and will be moved outside once the polar vortex taking over this week blows past. Not sure exactly of the breed but they are blond with brown eyes, clearly stil babies, and we think they are Palaminos. Excited to have a small rabbitry back on the farm! Shannon and I both love rabbit and it's been lovely sitting down at night with a rabbit in our laps. Really keeps the chill off!

And speaking of the cold: this farm is READY for it! There is wood stacked higher than my head in the mudroom for the back woodstove. There's a warm place by the fire. The dogs have coats, one that was my high school dog Murray's that my mom mailed me in a care package for my pups and the other is an Orvis coat I napped at the outlet when I worked there. They hate them but Friday does seem comfier with a coat on, so when it's 2 degrees in the morning they may feel silly but be a bit more comfy. Same with the horses. Same with us! Everyone is bundling up!

I am looking to expand the garden this year, really expand it. So seed catalogs are piling up like happy reminders winter doesn't last forever and I am extremely excited about putting in a 3 sisters patch. HIgh Mowing Seeds in Vermont will probbaly be our go to seed company. If you have any tips share them, please!

Stay warm out there, friends.


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