Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hay Shortage

There's a serious issue happening around here right now, a hay shortage. And by here I don't just mean Cold Antler Farm. The oddly dry summer in Washington county meant grass simply didn't get enough rain to grow well. Hay wasn't is now rare and expensive in these parts; when and if you find it.

The 130 bales I set aside to get a jump start on winter feed are nearly gone and it took a lot of searching, calls, favors, and luck to find a possible hay delivery for the farm this coming week. I am optimistic but I don't like to say this farm is okay till the little barn here is back to full capacity (100-130 bales).

Hay is something the horses and sheep need here. So that is some good news! That I was able to find someone to deliver around 100 bales within the next two weeks. The problem is that it isn't enough so I am not sure what the next steps will be. Either way I will be using all the money I have to buy in that hay and hope to earn it back soon as possible. Or I need to sell livestock.

It's a problem that is being addressed fast as possible. We have a lot of farms like mine in the same boat. People who don't have storage space for hundreds of bales and buy as they go, planning ahead a few weeks at a time. I am hoping that people either ship in hay from the south or west, or maybe go in on big loads? I'll keep you posted but wanted to share this story in case anyone local has a hay source or some to trade or sell?

That is the biggest news around here right now. The farm's mortgage is only paid through October so I am still tryin to cover last month nearly halfway through this one. It's frustrating and a little scary. Not overly so. Like I said, I'm trying to be optimistic. But a lot of change is possible. Keep me in kind thoughts and stay safe out there!