Monday, June 3, 2019

Whew & Weasel!

We made the month! I mean, I just barely made it, but oh good gods what a relief! I mailed out the mortgage check! Once it is cashed I'll be back to a 2 digit figure in my bank account again, but it has been mailed! The relief is like taking two fifty-pound feed sacks off my shoulders after carrying them for 2 weeks uphill. Now I just have to wait to make sure the bank cashes it and there isn't any issue with that, since it was postmarked a day late - but I am hoping it clears and I am back to the solid work of earning the next one.

Whew. That is the word of this day, whew.
This happened because of you. Thank you. Your emails, your letters, your purchases of soap and meats and logos and pet portraits. Your patience, your contributions to the blog, your readership. This is a farm that depends on her online community. It only exists because of it. Thank you so, so, so much for sending your kind emails, comments, tweets, Instagram notes, and a very special thanks to Maria whose 3 beautiful canvas paintings of Friday, Merlin, and a hen with her chicks arrived today. I wish you guys knew how much larger you make my world. Some days I don't leave the farm or see anyone. I don't talk to an actual person at all. But to know there's a readership sitting in front of screens all over, watching and cheering - it makes things feel so much less scary. 

In less happy news, a weasel came into the farm the last two nights. One young Buff Orpington pullet was taken and a meat bird, but I think that is the worst of it. The birds that were taken were in the chicken coop closest to the house and while the metal gate to the run was closed, the actual coop door was not. The weasel figure out the wire door, which seems like a very weasel thing to do. But last night when he returned I was ready and me and the dogs met him and his little ferret eyes face to face at 2AM! He ran like hell with Friday on his tail. No birds were lost last night. Which is another relief in itself!

Right now it's mid afternoon here and the sky is gray after a short chilly morning of sunshine. The lows may dip into the thirties. It is such a false summer and everyone is nervous about all the cold and rain. Hay isn't being cut, it's barely being grown. Crop reports from all over the Northeast and Midwest are showing at least a 2-week delay in progress. I am wondering if this will effect food prices into the late summer and fall? 

In personal news: It's Pride Month! I've never been to any sort of parade or event, but maybe this year I will? I am going to try to focus on my running and maybe even go on a date if luck swings my way - but if I'm being honest a flag on the farmhouse and a possible weird first date is probably the extent of my romantic life. But a gal needs something to run for.

In author news: My agent has my completed book proposal and she and I will work on it until it is ready to shop around. This is a big step, and what I have been working on when I haven't been in a frenzy about making the bills. Just having the shot at telling this larger story behind Cold Antler and the little girl who grew up to be a feral mountain woman - that is exciting enough. Perhaps I should run for her, and not for a rando date? That seems better.

Thank you again for reading along. Thank you for being part of this story. I have four weeks to pull this all off again, and so many orders to catch up on. I mailed out four packages today and my student loan payment. I am making soap and painting this afternoon while the natural light of day lets me see what I am doing with my paint and brushes. It's good to have these goals to work on.