Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I woke up the the sound of three lambs bleating below my bedroom window for their morning bottles. The trio's pen gate had been left ajar and at first light my three lambs made their way to the house and situated themselves below the window where dog heads were poking out. Don't let anyone tell you sheep are stupid. They aren't. They are survivalists.

The dogs were up all night barking and sleep was hard to come by. I didn't know what was going on? Maybe the weasel was back? A deer or Barb the local mountain bear had made her way into the farm? Nope. The old tree by the driveway finally broke in two and fell in the night. I found it this morning. Luckily it broke off into the pasture and not in the driveway where my truck was parked!

I finished farm chores fast and headed into town for the laundromat, which is where I am updating you now. My phone and internet service was shut off and is in the process of being restored. Since the internet is 100% the way I get income and talk to clients - I have been driving to my new "office" several times during the day. All of my sheets are clean though, and right now blankets an throws are being dried. The silver lining of free wifi at the laundromat is a lot of clean linens.

Been a hell of a week though. Within the last 48 Hours I have had the plumbing stop draining, $500 in medical bills without a diagnose, a fallen tree, my front door fall off the hinges, no internet or phone service, and the stress and try of getting it all back together.

But in the meantime I have been burning up some extra energy and anxiety out running. These days of more hot and humid weather seem to demand I run and I am putting out some 5k and 10k days, hoping to get up to an average of 6 miles a run soon. It makes me feel better in every single way - both losing weight and losing stress. To be totally soaked from sweat and tired from work makes those moments after a run feel amazingly calm and clean. A cold shower or dip in a river, fresh clothes, a cold drink - it is better than any sort of AC. These days walking into AC feels like walking into a morgue. I hate it. I especially hate it if I didn't run or sweat. Feels like something for corpses, not animals.

Today is about catching up on work, running errands, preparing for piglets and the butcher. It's about getting sales and getting tired. It's about repairing broken doors and moving dead branches and keeping this place moving forward another day.I hope your goal is the same and a low smoother than it is here!