Wednesday, June 12, 2019


I can say this, I am not going anywhere. Just because the bank is threatening me doesn't mean I am leaving, selling, or quitting. In one day I have managed a third of the sales I need to make a payment. I believe I will make the deadline, and I will keep finding ways to make it. At some point this has to get easier and if it doesn't then I'll get better so it IS easier. But do not think for one second I am selling, or giving up, or leaving my farm. If you want to help you can. If you want to sit back and watch me pull this off you can. If you want to jeer and tell me I'm an idiot you can. But Cold Antler Farm is my home and no matter how dark and scary it gets I have made it here ten years alone knowing nothing about rural living and I made it to this point and I refuse to throw in the towel over something like money. I will find, sell, create, write, accept, tell, freelance, farm, story, and song my way however is legally possible.

Cold Antler is home.