Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Little Lambs, Little Cars, Friend Visit!

Woke up to a morning of chores in gentle rain, and now that has cleared off and the lambs are grazing on the hillside, the horses are chomping on their morning hay, and the dogs are enjoying a mid-morning nap. A good writer friend from out of town is visiting for a bit and I am so excited to see her later this afternoon! She'll be spending her time in Washington County between a few farms and this one is excited to prepare the guest room! Last time she was here there was such an intense heat wave (and this house doesn't have AC) and we ended up enjoying the river. This spring has been so cold and wet we may end up enjoying a fire?! 

In better news I have sent the first draft of a 38-page proposal to my literary agent and she is going through it in hopes to help me prepare it for the marketplace. To get a book deal would be a game changer for this farm! It would have the mortgage caught up, new equipment, and I hope - a new small vehicle to be more mobile. And by "new" I mean a used hatchback that is safe to drive farther than an hour away from the farm. I love my truck. She's been my sole ride for almost 4 years now, and I plan on keeping her. But the age, the breaking down, and the fact I am certain I can't go farther than 30 miles away without a rental car means it is time to find something small and sturdy for upstate New York.  Retire her to farm plate status and keep her for hay and town trips.

If one of you has a used (but dependable) Subaru or VW or Volvo or something that fits two dog crates and has 4WD let me know! Can't buy anything now. My bank account probably couldn't even cover state taxes on a used vehicle - but that is the dreamy thought I have for what I'll do with any advance money if I do sell a book. Oh, and buy a working washing machine!

Okay! Enough dreaming. Here's the goal right now: I have three days (counting today) to make this month's mortgage payment on time, splitting that up into three smaller daily goals. This is how it gets done, something large becomes smaller, daily, tasks and decisions that add up to the outcome I need. If you are at all interested in seeing this farm make it through, and want to help - the best way is to order something! Get a pet portrait! Get or donate a share of meat! Take a class! Or hell, if you just want to throw in $5 towards the blog you are reading now, you can do that here: and good gods does every small action help and I am grateful for all of them.