Thursday, May 30, 2019

Crunch Time

I have 2 days to earn half my mortgage and have my check postmarked. Holy crow this is crunch time. Yesterday I made some headway, and that headway had to go to the electric bill, gas for the truck, 100lbs of feed, and phone company. The reality of needing to earn money through this blog and farm is that I am not able to just earn it for one expense. All the income I make through part-time work and what I offer has to cover every aspect of the farm management, insurances, utilities, student loans and home ownership without government, spouse, or family assistance.

What can you do? Right now so many offers are constantly being advertised on Twitter but if you aren't on there know I offer:

Handmade soaps
Pet portraits
Classes in fiddle and archery (that come with bows and fiddles!)

All of this is just an email away. This is a key time to support this farm if that is something you would like to do or are able to do. Note: if you buy soap or art from me the wait is long due to catching up on previous sales from this very tight year. But if you are not in a hurry to get soap or art, both are amazing ways to get a gift and support CAF.

And to those of you who already have - through purchasing something or plain ol' sending a contribution towards the blog - all of that means so much.  Thank you! I do my best to send as many thank you messages and notes as I can. I hope these messages of asking for encouragement, sales, and help fade away soon. I hope my luck changes. Right now I need to do whatever I can to keep my home of 9 years safe and not back in the hands of the bank.