Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Stormlog: Day 5

The good news is that today and tomorrow the temperatures are rising! I took the blanket off the mare and can start getting the hawk ready to hunt again. The truck is running, started up this morning and I got a lot more sleep than I did on the last few hard nights.

The bad news: the pipes that froze yesterday didn't thaw out despite the space heaters and two woodstoves. While trying to refill buckets to use to flush the toilet the cold water stopped working all together in the last faucet that worked and a pipe burst in the mudroom. I raced down to the basement to shut off water to the upstairs from the water heater and inspected the pipes.

Here's some more good news: It looks like the pvc pipe that replaced the broken pipe from last January lost a fastener/connector and that is what caused it to explode open and break free from the replacement pipe. It wasn't a bursting of metal - but a blockage that caused enough backup to force the weakest point open. (Basically instead of a dam breaking, some asshole pulled out the stopper.) I am hoping to get on the phone with my plumber and find out what that piece is and if I can do it myself on Youtube before calling in hired help.

I already planned on mailing that mortgage check if I could make the last $100 I needed for that check to clear and then start saving for the next. I can't afford to call in a plumber right now - but I really think I can fix this if I wait until tomorrow when it is 40° and all the pipes thaw out, or should. Then I can use the money I earn straight away for more firewood. I have enough to last another ten days or so.

In the larger scheme of things, this isn't horrific. I've been in much harder positions and figured those out. But today I need to work first on making sure I run into town for water for me and the dogs through the next few days and to get this pipe repaired. And possibly shower at a friend's house so I don't scare the locals when I go into town.

Homesting! YAY!

Next book contract I sign I'm getting myself a very respectable tool kit. I feel like I earned it!