Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Stormlog: Day 4

The worst has passed! Last night (or this morning, rather) the temperature dropped to -15° here at the farm. I tried to keep all the pipes moving but when I fell asleep around 1AM the 6 hours I was asleep was enough for the most vulnerable bathroom pipes to freeze. I am working on thawing them out now. The good news: so far this is the worst of it The truck has started again, all the animals are fine, the sun is shining, and I have a belly full of a cheese omelet and coffee. Things are okay.

I took this picture during the heaviest snowfall. While the wind whipped and snow accumulated to the 16" the farm gathered - this was a warm and safe sanctuary. I am proud that some pipes (not burst!) are the worst of it and that the hot water, home, pets, livestock, truck, hawk, and I all came through the other side. Tomorrow will be possibly 40° and raining - which means things like the drainage should thaw out. Besides needing new firewood soon, I am okay. I am just $100 away from mailing in my mortgage payment and another few weeks to mail in another. For that I'll keep working and trying and hoping. I feel like luck has to change soon. Things will get easier. I can feel it in every tiny bone.