Monday, January 21, 2019

Stormlog: Day 3

The storm has passed and now the real cold is setting in. Things here are okay, as are all the animals and myself. The only issues I have are a truck that won't start because it's been -7° since sunrise, and a shower I can't use because the drain pan below is frozen. BUT! That's it! I have more than enough feed, hay, food, and coffee to be comfortable here until Wednesday's thaw. I stayed up with the stoves last night and the house never got colder than 52°. The pipes are fine. The animals are fine. The only ones that seem bothered by this cold are the dogs. Since they are true house dogs and acclimated to a life between 40-70° all winter this kind of cold makes their paws stiff and hearts sink. So they basically only go out to pee and check on things with the morning and AM chores.

The other beasts are just dandy. The cats have been asleep all day by the fire. The horses are good and eating hay, extra has been provided. The pigs are mostly sleeping and their outdoor water station became an icicle so I brought a new one into the barn and they seem more than happy to sleep and eat their way through all this and honestly I am kinda jealous. The hawk has been fed way above flying weight and is checked on every few hours and eats his meals and gets weighed indoors twice a day while this passes.

As of right now, noon on Monday, things are remarkably okay compared to previous years. I am comfortable. The animals are comfortable. The house is okay. The animals are okay. And last night I stood outside in the snow beside two munching horses and watched that lunar eclipse while making a wish to the night sky. It felt special and I felt proud. The girl who started all this would have no idea how to prepare, stay warm, repair furnaces, rake roofs of snow, and slide through a storm with some ease. She'd have to learn it all the hard way. And she did. But as of right now this farm is good minus some minor inconveniences and that's good news indeed!