Thursday, January 24, 2019

And Then, The Rain!

It has been a deluge of rain over a pile of snow and what resulted is an ice sheet and mud pools in place of what used to be a farm. It made chores a lesson in balance and humility. And without water inside the farm house until it is repaired, it made carrying buckets inside for dog and toilet bowls extremely challenging. Sometimes life here feels like a training montage for a bad nineties karate movie...

The good news, the biggest news, is that I did mail in a house payment yesterday and that is a big weight off my chest! Another one into the books, another payments towards the mortgage. The bank account will be in the single digits once that check cashes, but that's what the account is for. Making it happen, every single month. Back to gathering up the next one! If I can make that happen in 2 weeks I'll be in a far better place so that is my current hope. Spend little as possible, save as much as possible, and focus on getting in firewood soon as I can. It's not March, and days below zero are back in the forecast.

One day and one step at a time. Soon it will be spring and there will be snap peas and chicks and longer days and riding horses on trails that aren't mud and ice. But today, today I am just going to be happy I mailed in that bill and sigh a bit at being one step closer to safe.