Friday, July 20, 2018

Simple Songs

It's early on a Friday and I'm wrapping up morning chores while I prepare for a fiddle lesson with a traveling student. She'll get here around 10AM and stay into the afternoon and when she leaves she'll not only have her own violin case in her hand but know how to tune it and play her first song.

It's one of my favorite things I do on this farm, share the ability to play music and teach yourself more on your own and in your own time. People make the fiddle, guitar, banjo - any instrument really - into too big a deal. As adults we are told all the time it's too late to learn or why even try since you'll never be as good as the bands you listen to? The anwser is simple: learn to play to please yourself. Learn the joy of leaning back at the end of the day and making a song out of nothing but the instrument itself and the music you taught yourself. It can be simple. It can be basic as can be - but just like a meal of fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden  it can be enjoyed. Surely you can appreciate that, maybe with a side of fresh mozzarella and balsamic? Well that is how I feel about learning music. Learn a song or two, add in something like a recorded guitar on MP3 to enliven it. Make music and enjoy even the simplest songs because you did the work to make them so.

You are welcome to travel to this farm and learn fiddle or archery. I teach a few times a year and it is always lovely to host guests and hand them their first case. And at the end of the day I rest easy knowing someone made their own goals happen a bit this day. It's a fine way to spend an afternoon. I hope more of you will join me. You can sign up for a day this fall (bring your spouse, teenager, or friend for a pair discount!) and enjoy fall foliage and a new skill while helping support this farm and bring in some firewood!

Don't want to travel here? Consider buying a class as a tuition for someone local who can't afford to attend but wants to. I would happily host a day here of fiddle classes for locals who want to learn but can't afford an instrument or the time to do so. I think that would be amazing!

Interested in taking a class or sponsoring someone else's tuition, let me know! Are you around this area and want to take a sponsored class and a student fiddle: Either way Email me!