Sunday, December 17, 2017

Stay Warm

Cold's come to the farm and has overstayed his welcome for a few days now. Nights were in the single digits and days below freezing but the farm came through the worst of it last night just fine. This morning the pigs were bouncing down the hill for their grain. The horses were frost-bearded but bright eyed. The goats were chipper and welcomed me in the 4° sunshine with bleats and songs.

As tough as it is some days to bundle up and head outdoors, there is a real mood boost in the work. When you have others depending on you  - you can't not have worth, can't not be needed. Even something as simple as grain in a bucket, or defrosted water on a blue morning - these things depend on me. To come inside from this work to a sated farm of content animals means that before I had my first cup of coffee I was of use. It feels good. Never stops feeling that way, a decade later.

Things are busy and good here. This whole week was mostly illustration work and soap making, meetings with my agent about the new project, and a Holiday party for friends yesterday. I had a great first date, too. Today as the sun heats up the snow a bit I plan on spending it gathering hay for the farm from one of my neighbor's, tending fires, and keeping hawk, home, and horse happy as the weather exhales towards better climate.

Stay warm, friends. Find your light and smile.