Monday, December 18, 2017

Hot Coal Wealthy

After morning chores were done and the fires were considering turning from flames into rolling coals; I was just starting my first cup of coffee. As I poured it from the well-worn metal percolator on the stove top I was reminded of the wisdom of buying winter supplies ahead of time. My income is volatile, at best, so to have a winter's worth of food stored feels like money in the bank. With some large bills just paid (and two more due, plus the truck needing new brake lines) it leaves no wiggle room for spontaneous provision acquisition. I have at least seven more pounds of coffee in the larder, five pounds of sugar, and a couple jars pf powdered creamer. Not the most high-brow cup of coffee but between that and the wood piled high outside the house - there's a certainty of warmth and caffeine that grants me a long exhale. Hot coal wealthy.

Snow started to fall a few hours ago and I started to go through the usual Monday morning routine of work indoors. It was interrupted by the sound of a large truck pulling into the driveway - Othniel of Common Sense Farm was here to deliver hay. I was so grateful for that delivery, as my supply was low and the truck isn't running today. And while we unloaded the bales into the barn another vehicle pulled in -  this time it was my friend Dona McAdams of Northern Spy Farm. She wanted photos of Merlin in the snow and had some beautiful host guests of her farm's cheese and a potted Hyacinth in a glass dome to apologize for the drop in. We ended up talking for a good while, catching up on our lives and stories. And now with the guests gone I am back to the work of words, drawings, designs, and promotion of classes and lessons here at the farm.

Life is good here, if nothing out of the usual. I traded security and certainty for hay deliveries and afternoon visitors and potted plants. The house is finally over 60° and I am heading out to check the mailbox. Thank you all who sent holiday cards to the farm!