Tuesday, December 26, 2017


The next two weeks are going to be scary. Temperatures are dipping well below zero for the longest stretch of days ever since I have lived here in New York. I am worried sick about this tonight. Worried about the animals, the dogs, the hawk, the truck, the wood supply, and on and on. All I can do is dedicate myself to staying here to stoke fires, keep the animals comfortable, and soldier through but nights this cold have never lasted this long before.

Cold like this means changing everything. It means keeping the fires at hot-coal status all day which means devouring wood like a maw compared to the yuletide log blaze you picture when you imagine a fire. It means plugging in every water heater, defroster, space heater, etc I have. It means frozen or exploding pipes. It means livestock needing up to double the calories to stay warm. It means old hens or sheep might die. It means the hawk at hunting weight in indoors at the coldest times. It means horse blankets, ice chipping, faulty electric fences, and ordering extra firewood. It means not sleeping through the night for days on end. It means enough general anxiety to make cocaine seem like a mediation supplement. It means I'm scared.

I'll be writing about it all here. Please keep an eye on the farm through the blog. And follow along on twitter where I post every hour or more on the state of life, love, politics and pop culture if you're interested in hearing exactly when the pipes burst or the toilet water freezes.