Friday, November 17, 2017


Just wrapped up a delightful little project this morning, or rather the bulk of it. A reader contacted me a months ago to possibly illustrate and design a children's book for her family. After some chatting she hired me for the job and it was the much-needed scratch to take care of a mortgage payment at the time. She paid up front and left me with the task of breathing life into an old story told for generations. It was nine illustrations (1 full color and 8 inked), layout, and a printable pdf she could create at home or send to a digital printer online for published books.

It was such fun to do, and I had such pride sending off the pdf for her notes and approval. I'm sharing this because it is a happy, small, moment. I went to college for design and illustration. I just used those skills to help support this farm while giving a reader a very special gift for her family. A good morning of work. And now I am off to fly my bird before Washington County prepares for it's biggest holiday: Opening Day of Rifle Season!