Monday, November 6, 2017

Soggy Dogs

It's a cold, rainy, evening here at the farm. All the chores are done and I am just warming up from being soaked out there while doing the evening rounds. I'm happy to say it was nice circle. The pigs have fresh, warm, bedding for the temperature drop tonight and so do the meat birds out in their tractors. The horses and sheep are eating hay in the rain and the goats are eating inside the barn doing the same. The dogs are disgustingly muddy and thrilled about it. I had to towel them down by the front door to save the semblance of cleanliness in the living room. Aya is inside on her perch after a large meal. The fire is roaring, been at it all day.

I finished packaging up three soap orders and two illustrations I will mail out this week. I got a load of laundry done. I worked on logos. I cooked a healthy meal. I scrubbed down the shower. I worked with my hands and I drank enough water. These seem like silly things to list but these days all accomplishments are tallied up at day's end. It's easy to feel anxiety about "not doing enough" when life gets stressful. When I write down all the things I actually did do, it feels a lot better.

This week will bring some true winter weather. Nights in the twenties and crispy ice mornings. I need to get in firewood still, and more hay, and earn up enough to mail out a mortgage payment soon. It's the fire in the belly to keep up the tasks, keep up on emails, keep up in general!

I sent off a revised, 11,000 word chapter to my agent yesterday. That's around 35 pages written and edited this weekend and it felt like a marathon completed. Here's to the luck of the words and publisher's whims.

Stay dry.