Monday, October 23, 2017


This has been such a strange October. Beautiful, bright, but oddly warm and wonderfully tempting. Tempting in the way that makes you feel real cold is a bad memory and not something just around the corner. I have only lit a fire a handful of times. I am still jogging in shorts. Autumn feels like a tired extension of summer.

This week is also going to be mild, with a lot of much-needed rain. It's not so wonderful for the windy and chilly October I dream of in my fall fantasies, but damn good for my work ethic. I get double the tasks done for clients when I can't be pulled outside by saddles and wood piles. I'll take that over a perfect fall.

Winter Prep Update: I have almost all of my firewood in, one cord to go. I have hay on lock down in neighboring friends barns and a stash in my own. Winter provisions are stacked all over the kitchen in containers and sacks, larders and cabinets. My focus now is getting the mortgage caught up to this month and then repairing the hole inside the wood stove. Once those things are done I will tuck into that first snowfall like my spirit animal; a dog turning around three times before laying down. Mind you, that act of turning around is my spirit animal, not the dog. Hygge is my familiar of choice.

This particular morning has been pretty productive. Got the chores done early, and baked a small loaf of bread for later. Then, fueled by some pumpkin-flavored coffee (I can be basic) I drove into town to pick up some more slightly-soft squash from Common Sense Farm for the pigs. After that I stopped at the post office and mailed off three illustrations and a package to a friend. I still have soap making, graphic design, and evening chores on my list but if I get the comps done early enough I will tack up Merlin for a ride. Smoke em if you got em, right?

Wish me luck getting this week square away, bills paid, and the farm solvent. I do have some good news to share: Soon as this next payment goes out the my bank I will have paid off a 1/4 of my mortgage since buying the farm in 2010! That's something to be proud of, and I will take a moment among all the nerves, paintbrushes, and logos to raise a glass to small bridges crossed. I bought this farm, made this farm, kept this farm, and 1/4 of it will soon be mine on the books. That's not a bad accomplishment for a Monday morning. I can not wait to mail off that check!

And every fall I welcome Samhain/Halloween cards to the farm and try my best to mail some back. If you want to drop one in the mail send it to:

Jenna Woginrich
Cold Antler Farm
Cambridge, NY 12816