Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunshine on Strings

Spring is in the air at Cold Antler Farm. Right now the windows and doors are open and sunshine is pouring in. Amazing how a day of nice weather can change your outlook a bit. In spent the morning working on chores and design clients, but after a few hours of that and a short trip into town to take care of some signed copies at Battenkill Books, I was ready to soak up the sun.

We have a few days of rain ahead. But today was vitamin D to the max. I haltered up Merlin and brought him to the post to really get into that spring shedding. With the help of some shedding blades and brushes he is a little less hairy. We did some ground work as well; the kind of natural horsemanship my farrier Dave taught me. A few days of ground work is necessary before the first spring ride. I also like the mountain ground a little firmer on our trails. I was just on them hunting with Aya Cash a few days ago and downed logs, ice, and deep mud have a ways to go before firming up. So today was mostly a brush down and some lunge line work. After I was done grooming the beast the ground looked like a mastodon exploded. It kinda did.

Also today: I took my dusty banjo off the stand in the corner and cleaned her up with the detail work of a used-car dealership. I put new silver Gibson strings on her, too. Once she was tuned it only took a few moments to relearn some favorite songs. I played out in the sun while the dogs ran circles around the turkeys. A nice moment in all the muddy chaos around this place right now. I am continuing to remain positive and productive as I can. Things are more uncertain then they have ever been.

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Blogger Sharon said...

I had a black Shetland Pony that had enough winter hair for 4 horses. So furry! Spring shedding was a big deal of grooming him with shedding blades for a month or so to get it all out. I understand, because Merlin looks very shaggy.

April 3, 2017 at 11:30 PM  
Blogger multitaskingmissus said...

I love the images of your daily life. The turkeys and all the creatures around sound so fantastic. And I have to say your dedication to musical instruments is making me doubt all the ones I abandoned over the year. I'm taking a real interest in everything that has a fiddle.

April 4, 2017 at 9:32 PM  

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