Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ready for Snow?

It was snowing when I carried my second armload of wood into the house. Flurries, but snowing. Tonight the farm will get into the low twenties - coldest night of this Fall - and I might spend my first night downstairs by the fire instead of up in my bedroom. That is what I was thinking about as I headed back outside for more firewood, shutting the Second Door behind me. The Second Door is what I call the new door Patty installed that keeps the downstairs toasty and the upstairs divorced of the wood stove heat. It is amazing what a difference it is making here. You walk into the house and it doesn't seem so different than outside (maybe dirtier in my mudroom entrance?) and when you open the Second Door a fall of good smells, warm air, and firelight greets you.I am proud of the level of coziness this small home offers. In a short while the light will only be from the flickering computer screen, fire, candles and jackolantern. It's like moving aside all the big coats in the wardrobe and then BOOM Narnia is waiting just on the other side. Only in this version of Narnia most of the animals are taxidermed. Sorry Mr. Tumnus.

I hope to raise the temperature into the mid-sixties (wasn't home for a few hours, so the temperature inside was 59 when I got home) before I call it a night. My need for creature comforts is such a low bar these days. I like to spend my luxury preference points in other ways. I learned a long time ago when it comes to household temperatures it's a strength to not have a preference to be warm or cold - just adapt. Put on a sweater or jump in the river. Work outside or run so far you are just grateful to not be moving anymore - puts me to sleep like a baby. If that sounds badass, it isn't. It's just learned behaviors picked up six years into this little piece of land.

So am I ready for snow? No. Not really. I wish I was but there is still more firewood and hay to collect. I am still looking for a dairy buck for my goats, too. That said - tonight there is a warm fire, full human and canine stomachs, and enough hay and feed that no animal here is going to bed having to prefer not to be comfortable. The goats and pigs got extra straw to snuggle into. The horse and sheep got a nice dinner too with supplemental grain. And the chickens have been eating their regular rations and moving from the trees to the barn to keep the chill off their feathers. Aya Cash had her dinner of a few mice and I'll probably bring her inside for a movie later. I really have no right to complain, just the will to prepare.

You guys stay warm, too.


Blogger Chicken Mama said...

Will do. You keep warm too. Had curried lamb the other night. It was yummy. I think leg of lamb will be on the menu for Sunday. I'll be checking out Julia Child or James Beard for a recipe...going old school. Give the pups and kitties a scratch behind the ear for me. Love ya!

October 26, 2016 at 6:31 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

I am happy that the new door is making a big difference. Time to get out a crock pot and make something good to eat. Play you uke for the dogs!

October 26, 2016 at 9:27 PM  
Blogger EZ said...

It snowed about an inch here in northern NV a few weeks ago. It was not very pleasant, but it passed. Hopefully we don't get too cold!

October 26, 2016 at 9:55 PM  

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