Monday, August 1, 2016

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

I will be checking in from time to time to talk about some of the supporters of this farm. I’m sure you have noticed the ads that run along the right side of this blog? Well those people are part of what makes this farm tick. Selling ads is one of the many ways I make a living here at Cold Antler, and I want to make sure these fine people get the attention they deserve!

There are two I’d like to talk about tonight, and I encourage you to click on their blogs and websites and learn more about them. If you perhaps need what they are selling in the future, send a sale their way - as it only helps this farm in the long run if sponsors get some love.

A Life in the Wild

This is a blog, and it is a dandy. It’s the home online of Robin Follette of Maine. She’s a 50-something woman in the north woods. Her homestead is her full time gig, but unlike a lot of bloggers there is a real outdoorsy flare to her work. She focuses plenty of her animals and gardens, but also a lot of living with nature as a hunter and angler. It’s a website that is often updated, and her presence on twitter and social media is also very active and helpful. I followed her adventures in bear hunting (and what she ate from those hunts!) totally immersed. I see updates on garlic pesto in my twitter feed and wish I was eating pasta like a normal person. She’s been a reader and a friend online for a long time and I am grateful for her support as a sponsor as well. Check out A Life in the Wild, you won’t be disappointed. Follow her on twitter and feel free to ask her questions, she knows so much about living alongside animals and hunting!


Niffer's is a little herbal apothecary in the heart of Tennessee (My favorite state!). Founded in 2013 Niffer's All Natural Products has been developing and offering natural skin care and home cleaning products made from 100% natural materials. I was personally mailed some of their bug repellent, which I was honestly skeptical about. I mean, I have been using some heavy duty stuff from the drug store while fly fishing and I wasn't sure a tin of natural bug go would work - not with the way deer flies and mosquitoes have been on the river this summer. But I promised to try it out.

Guys, that little green tin worked. In all fairness, I needed to reapply it a few times (3 times in 2 hours) but I was applying things like essential oils, beeswax, and vitamin e and not literal poisons like I had in the past. It smelled like mint and citronella, but not overpowering like those candles you used to have in metal buckets as a kid on picnic tables. This was pleasant while being nostalgic. And it actually worked really well as long as I had it on hand in case I got wet or overly sweaty.


Blogger Robin Follette said...

Thanks, Jenna! I'm checking out Niffers. One of my sisters made lots of natural products but has stopped because life is too busy. It's nice to find a replacement!

August 2, 2016 at 9:40 AM  
Blogger Kyler and Sylvia said...

Great idea: adds variety. Cheers!

August 3, 2016 at 1:14 AM  

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