Saturday, April 9, 2016

Stories & Hitmen

The farm has been getting ready for spring, slowly and surely. The days go from sunny and warm to nights so chill you wake up to frost or an inch of snow. It's April? What should I expect? This month is mean. It's close enough to flirt with spring and get some flowers blooming or apple trees excited, and then BAM! It's 19 degrees and your truck door is fused shut by an ice storm and that outbuilding you just needed to last a few more weeks collapses. April. What a dick.

I have been sparse on this blog this past week, mostly because I have been spending all my creative energy on drawing and logos. If you follow me on Facebook you'll see a lot of work, mostly pet illustrations. But I also want to catch up with regular Youtube videos and the comic. As you can probably tell, I've spread myself thin. I can't help it. I love those little cartoons on Tumblr. I love the community on Youtube. I love the commissions and the logo work and figuring it all out.

Tomorrow I will tell you Gibson's heroic story of herding sheep for a half mile of forests and roads to bring them home. I'll also get into garden prep, chicken housing and brooder prep, farrier appointments, goat hoof trimming, and kidding prep. Slowly this farm will turn back into the green world it once was. Right now it's just poking shoots, mud, and slum. But I spent a few hours tonight just scrubbing and repainting the kitchen in a Spring Cleaning tear I went on. It felt good. I got the dishes done and the coffee ready for the morning. Never underestimate the morale boost having a clean kitchen and a prepped coffee pot can deliver.

I watched the movie Mr. Right and adored it. It's hard to categorize a hitman, romance, action, love story? But watch it. As Antlers it is your partial duty, kinda. We root for our heroes.


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