Monday, March 21, 2016


The farm is warming up this morning and the sun is out. Yesterday I was surrounded by good friends, gathering together just to catch up and celebrate spring. In the evening, two other friends from the local Brewery came over to work on fiddle tunes. It was what I needed, to be around supportive and bright people, talking and laughing. The clarity that comes from a renewed day and encouragement, both online here and in person is a cure-all for so much self doubt. Fitting it happened on the Equinox, I suppose.

My morning here will be all about office work, but around noon I plan on a good run and my work out routine, which I rely on like church these days. Fitness is the grounding element to what can seem like a messy situation. What I have to deal with is manageable and will be dealt with, it just really overwhelms me sometimes, like waves building up and hitting a stone wall. You need to catch your breath. Running helps me catch my breath. Controlling how strong my body is makes me feel stronger in mind and spirit, too. I've always felt this way but these days it is wonderfully overpowering.

A reader on Facebook is commissioning me to do some illustration work for her. I used to draw all the time, mostly anthropomorphic art, but I stopped (quit cold turkey really) after it also became overwhelming. I have missed it, a lot. So I am looking forward to creating a character drawing for her, on Bristol with watercolor and pencil, if she's still interested. Looking forward to that.

The lambs are all doing well! The goats seem to be a few weeks (or more) from kidding. Chicks and piglets will join the farm soon, hopefully before the first buds hit the trees. The farrier is coming along to check on Merlin's feet as well. Spring tasks are picking up, from garden seeds to new stories... it lightens things up around here. It helps me keep fighting to keep it all.


Blogger chinadogs said...

Hi Jenna

As you are an extremely good illustrator can you join in the current trend and create a colouring-in book?

March 21, 2016 at 5:42 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

don't ever, ever give up friend. You do amazing work every day, and give the 40+ year old lady the incentive to get out there and get things done, to be afraid, but do it anyway. So much of our lives is spent wishing, being afraid, and regretting. Not yours. I find it amazing that someione in my little corner of this world can do what you do. You inspire me every day.

March 22, 2016 at 10:50 AM  

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