Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Back to Work

Lambing Season is well over and the eight lambs here at the farm are all doing well, save for one that needs some special attention. Little Shoshanna has become a house lamb, since she is the only one being bottle fed and she strained her rear leg yesterday. It isn't broken, but it is very sore and it felt wrong having her in the field with mama sheep that will butt her out of their way or a thousand pound draft horse if she was slowed down to a limp. So Shosh is inside, sleeping here on a fleece (kinda sweet and kinda weird) while Gibson watches on. She had a bottle of milk this morning and has a hay-lined crate in the living room as well, but right now she is in a safe place to heal up.

I'm writing this while taking a break from some design work. Work is the number one thing on my mind right now. A few weeks ago I had to make two mortgage payments ASAP and still have yet to make the second one. I am trying, hard. Sometimes trying too hard backfires though.  It's all a very delicate tango. But I'm up for the dance.


Blogger English sheep gal said...

Have been wondering how things are going there, glad you have some warm sunny weather, you are able to get more sleep, and focus on the design work to bring in some $ for that mortgage payment.

Sorry to hear about Shoshanna's leg injury, sure Gibson is enjoying having an indoor lamb to supervise.

Congrats farmer - 8 lambs, that's just wonderful. Any time for pictures of them - my neighbors Shetland flock are not lambing this year, and I'm really missing hearing those lamby bleats and seeing the babies hoppity skip their lamb races across the pasture before curling up in the sunshine for a snooze.

Warm and sunny here in Western NY today, after temps below freezing over the weekend. For the 1st time this year its warm enough to get the windows open and some fresh air blowing through the house, heard the first Red Wing Blackbirds round our pond last Sunday, and today saw our State bird - Eastern Bluebird in the garden for the first time this year. Plus a big box of veggie seeds delivered this morning - feels (and smells) like spring!

March 9, 2016 at 10:35 AM  
Blogger Justine said...

Your living room looks so comfortable! Im glad your getting some warmer temps and them lambs are doing good. Keep up the good work we are all rooting for you.

March 10, 2016 at 6:31 AM  

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