Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring & Early Summer Workshops!

I am happy to welcome you to the farm for a series of spring livestock workshops! On a Saturday afternoon in April and May and a Sunday in June there will be events hosted here at the farm welcoming the public for lessons and classes. You can either purchase a one-time pass or a Season Pass for the entire year. Details below. Sign up for all events by emailing me at 

Also, know that you can buy a Season Pass on sale for ALL EVENTS for a year from time of purchase for $250 a person, with an addition $100 for each family member that joins you. So a couple can come to all events here for a year for $350. It is a way to make this farm a knowledge CSA of sorts, paying for a year of events and classes up front and coming to make your share pickups whenever a topic strikes your fancy. Later in the summer will be archery an workshop, dulcimer and fiddle days, Antlerstock, Prepping for Sane People and more!

Sheep and Wool Day!
Saturday April 2nd 2016
9AM -3PM $85 a person
Bring a bagged lunch!

Come for a day all about lambs and wool, flocks and drop spindles, fiber farming and living with a fully fleeced flock. Sheep are raised here from lamb to ram, for both wool and meat.  By this time there very well might be a bottle lamb in the house, lambs outside, or a ewe ready to give birth. It is a muddy time and don't expect the beautiful green in the photo above but if you want a real look at small flock keeping - this is it. I'll talk about my ups and downs raising sheep, basics to know getting into the stock, and we'll take some wool off the sheep and learn to turn that raw wool into clean, carded, and spun yarn! If you are a beginner to homesteading or are thinking about upgrading your backyard farm beyond a coop of chickens and hive of bees and are considering a pair of sheep take over the mowing - this is a great introduction. A great gift for fiber lovers, too!

I will try and get my Sheep Shearer here to come this day as well and do a shearing demo. Though I can not promise that just yet, it is a real possibility!

Chick Days! 
Saturday May 7th 2016
9AM -3PM $100 a person
Bring a bagged lunch!

Thinking about getting chickens to add some cluck and spunk to your backyard garden? Finally ready to take the plunge into homesteading and want your gateway drug to livestock farming? This workshop is all about beginner backyard chicken keeping. We cover brooder basics, breeds, housing, feeding, transition from brooders indoors to outdoors, and adult care. The day is based on the book I wrote, Chick Days, from Storey Publishing. There will be a farm and barn tour, probably lambs and kids mucking about, and plenty of mud so dress for a day on a farm in the northeast if you attend!

There will also be an overview of raising pastured meat birds. The raising of brooder to outdoors is the same for both types of chickens, but it is important to cover the care of a pasture tractor meat bird verses a coop and free range egg bird. Learn how this farm does it and what may work for your own farm or backyard.

There will also be chicks of egg and meat birds here available for you to take home of various laying breeds! Everyone who attends is welcome to take home three chicks, so bring a warm box to bring your babies home in!

Goats and Soap!
Sunday June 5th 2016
9AM -3PM $100 a person
Bring a bagged lunch!

That photo above is from last summer's Goat Day! Goats & Soap is a two-part workshop that starts here at the farm making milk-based soap from scratch and meeting the goats that make it all happen. We go through the safety, tools, ingredients and process of making a lye and milk soap and we get to meet my little mother/daughter herd. After lunch we venture to my goat mentor’s farm, Common Sense Farm, three miles south of my place right in Cambridge NY. Yesheva, is there as the goddess of all things Caprine and she knows goats folks. She goes through everything from what to look for in breeding stock, to feed and housing, to bucks and mating season. She is patient and calm and wonderful as an asset. She even has goats for sale sometimes from her herd. Sign up for all events by emailing me at


Blogger Stephinie said...

About 8 years ago I read your book Made From Scratch - I was completely in love with your writing and so inspired by your words. We had just gotten our first chickens when I found your book. Somehow through the busy-ness of life I stopped reading your blog..... until this week when I stopped in at the library. My librarian says to me that she always loves looking through my pile of books and that she knows of an author I would just love. Jenna Woginrich. To which I say, oh I love her. I need to look up her blog again.... and then she says to me that she has a farm in New York.... near Cambridge..... and is that anywhere close to where we just bought property. This is where I almost drop my library bag full of tiny house books. After years and years of looking, we just bought property in Hebron, NY. We fell in love with Cambridge while looking for property close to my husband's family (after y-e-a-r-s of moving around). I know this is the longest comment ever..... but I really look forward to visiting your farm in the future. So serendipitous!

March 11, 2016 at 10:56 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Plans for Antlerstock 2016 Jenna???

March 13, 2016 at 7:40 AM  
Blogger Jason & Kathleen Braden said...

Bought your book this morning at the TSC in Smith Falls, Ontario.

The chicks get here in 21 days.

Love watching you all grow up,


March 23, 2016 at 9:10 PM  

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