Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Vlog Collaboration!

Hey Folks! I am working on a little music video and I want it to feature readers of my books and blogs who have started a farm or homestead in the past 8 years. (Since the blog has started). I want to share the story of as many readers as possible who have taken the leap!

What I need is a 10 second video clip, no talking, of either the farmers or your animals - or both. Action is good (dog running with sheep, horse in field, you on tractors) or still life is fine - what you feel works (house at sunset, kids watching pond of fish) Besides the video clip I just need the names, farm, and date of operation to present.

Ex: Jane and Jon Doe
Merry Acres Farm
Idaho City, Idaho
2010 - Present

Email this to dogsinourparks@gmail.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna, I would love to partake in this wonderful collaboration! I have been a silent reader, (I'm quite a silent person) but I have been here, reading your adventures, your trial and errors, your wise words and surprises. I got all giddy when you introduced the idea of a collab, what a treat it will be once it is put together! I can't wait!
I raise sheep, dairy goats, angora rabbits and chickens..I'm sure I could somehow gather clips of them to add up into 10 seconds. :)
Let me know when the due date is, I'll spend some time making it extra special.

January 13, 2016 at 2:30 PM  

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