Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lucky Ones

Saturday night I found myself out behind my barn in a small woodland patch. The stars were out and the campfire was crackling. Friends new and old were around the warm blaze, and we were grateful for it. The forecast said the bottom would drop at 36, which is brisk for a pre-Hallowmas bonfire. So we set our feet on big river stones circling the pit to stay warm. Others hung back under blankets and poured a little more whiskey into their mugs of cider. All of us were tired and happy; under the sort of trance that a long day working outside followed by a big meal and a good story can cast over a group. We were passing around The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the original unabridged story by Washington Irving. Reading it aloud around the fire is a tradition of Antlerstock and it took about an hour. I loved it. Mason jars were rimmed with cinnamon and sugar and sloshed with fresh press. I was warm and surrounded by good people - some from a few miles away and others that had traveled for miles. I was asleep that night by 9:30 and still had a full day of workshops, talks, songs, and music ahead. I am the brokest wealthy person in the world.

Antlerstock has wrapped up once again. It was an absolutely stunning weekend. Twenty people, sunshine, new faces, and a farm I love more than I should. That's not a bad combination, folks.

The following few days have been recovery from the festivities of the weekend and catching up on work around the house and hosting guests who stayed past Antlerstock. Now that it's a rainy weekday morning I am back in the saddle of blog, book, and design work. Laura Marling is singing to me in her wonderfully smokey style while keeping the mood bright, which is a hell of a talent. I have much to catch up on and it is a race I look forward to winning. With a puppy asleep in her crate, bacon on the stove, and coffee in my mug I am a happy woman.

Thanks to all who came to Antlerstock. Thank you to those who supported the farm through your teaching, stories, songs, and work. Thanks to all who learned to chop firewood with Brett that will go into my woodpile. Thank you to those who were brave enough to sing folksongs taught by Rev. Tim. Thank you to those who helped harness horse, fell logs, tell your stories, try fiddles, and shared a story around an October Fire. We are the lucky ones.

Photo by Miriam Romais


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