Friday, October 23, 2015

Back to Black!

A couple of days in the red here and not feeling comfortable about it. Hoping for some sales going into the weekend. So I am offering up some big discounts, today only:

SEASON PASS TO CAF - $200 (come to all workshops for a YEAR)

One Workshop Pass, bring a friend for free! - $60

Fiddle Indie Day (4 hours of private lessons at the farm comes WITH FIDDLE) great Xmas present! - $175


ARCHERY INDIE DAY (comes with BOW! 4 Hours of lessons here at the farm, private) $175

Fiddle, case, and bow - $100

Haflinger-sized Harness (not collar, leather, chrome hames) - $300

English saddle, bridle, stirrups and leathers, pad - $150


Blogger English sheep gal said...

Well I read the title of this post and instantly a song popped into my head. Have you ever heard of (sadly, deceased) UK composer and singer Amy Winehouse? Here's a link to her song 'Back to Black'
It's not a very cheery one - but she has an amazing voice and was so talented, highly recommend finding her on Youtube and having her songs on as background music all day long. For something a little livelier try 'rehab'.

I hope you manage to sell all of the items on your sale list, and make a mortgage payment sooner than you think you can. I just read your more recent post, about having hot water again, dreading writing about money because of all the 'hater' responses you anticipate. Sorry that happens. There are plenty of us out here cheering you on, for having the guts to live this lifestyle, which although you love it, is non stop hard work.

Anyway, few other things - my H is for Hawk audiobook was delivered the day you recommended the book, listening on my commute to work, only on disc 2 where she's just picked up her Goshawk on the quay in Scotland, but it's read by the author and I'm really enjoying it so far.

Podcast recommendation - I've been listening to 'Desert Island Discs' online, from BBC Radio 4, each episode is a mini 'life story' the person being interviewed picks out songs that were significant at different times in their life, and get to choose a book and a luxury item they'd take if they were stranded on a desert island. So far I've listened to some famous people - comedian Stephen Fry, outdoorsman Ray Mears, Actress Judi Dench, Musician Noel Gallagher (from the band Oasis) - and just spotted in the archives my next listen - Hugh F.W. from River Cottage. Also plenty of ones recorded by people who are not that well known, a farmer who became involved in running the soil association, Jo Malone who set up her own business based on her amazing sense of smell etc etc.

As for vlogs - I love watching them on the blog, but would watch them on Youtube too - read the suggestion for a daily one with a wince, only because I imagine the haters who may pounce if you miss a day. I really enjoyed the hungover pigs vlog, and have sent a link to that one out to many people, as we got to see the pigs, while you showed us One Woman Farm - this is great for those of us who already have the book, and good advertising for people new to the site. How about setting up next to the chickens and talking about 'Chick Days'. Or how is all started with Made From Scratch, as future vlog topics?

October 24, 2015 at 7:35 AM  

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