Monday, July 27, 2015

Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming and this gal needs to get important truck and house repairs ready going into fall. A lot of life has stacked up at once and so I am in the process of getting things back to a civilized place. There is also firewood to stack, chimneys to clean, and hay to buy in bulk. Want to support this small farmer giving it her all? Well I am here asking for your support! The farm needs it, more than ever. How can you do that? I suggest one of these things things!

1. Hire me for some graphic design work! I specialize in branding. Get a custom logo for your farm, event, tattoo, whatever! Rates are on sale to strike up more business! Email me to sign up!

2. Come to a workshop or event at the farm. Here is a list of ALL the events coming up at Cold Antler Farm! Join us for one, or for them all. You can pay per workshop or get a Season Pass on sale for $250. That pass lasts a year and includes Fiddle, Archery and weekend long events like Antlerstock (bows and fiddles are extra).

Can't come to the farm and don't need a logo? How about buying a workshop for a local who can attend, scholarship style. How about a logo as a gift for a friend starting her own business or small farm? Logos and workshops make great gifts and keep the farm humming with activity!

Full list of events here!

3. Put up an ad on CAF! Do you have a small business or want to promote your own blog? Buying an ad gets you eyes of my audience and is a great way to support CAF. Ads on sale as well.  Email me to sign up!

5. Choose to become a Clan Member, Clan Cold Antler is the folks who sign up for a monthly subscription, a voluntary way to compensate me for what you see here writing and video wise. This blog and the vlogs will always remain free but some folks like to offer payment as a way support the creator. If you do sign up as a subscriber and send me your email address I will invite you to a private Clan Blog which includes additional content. This month it included the outline and intro of the new Merlin book I am working on as well as extra photos from the Cantrip Concert.

6. Not in a place to do any of these things? Well that is fine, your readership is such a gift in itself! But there are ways to still help that cost you nothing at all. There are ever-changing ads here you can click and learn about the sponsors, some of them offer a small financial kickback. Write a sponsor of a permanent ad who has been on the blog a long time and thank them, via email. You can share the blog with friends, like and subscribe to the videos on youtube. You can just stick around, say a prayer, and keep watching to see how I do here in Veryork.


Blogger Kim in Training said...

I'm interested in a logo for my photography business that I can use for print and digital. I have my own creation, that I put together from clipart and text, but would prefer something similar yet unique.

July 30, 2015 at 8:55 AM  

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