Saturday, September 26, 2015

Upcoming Events at Cold Antler Farm!

Here is a list of workshops planned for the weeks and months ahead. Workshops are a fun, comfortable, and beginner-friendly environment to learn new skills, meet like-minded people, and support my work here as a writer/blogger/small farmer. You can pay per event or if you live relatively close you can buy a season pass, which costs the price of two and a half workshops paid up front for a whole year! Email me at to sign up for a season pass or any workshop at all!

Most workshops cost $100. Special events like weekend-long camps or other events with instruments or gear cost more ($350). They are nonrefundable, however you can always use a missed workshop credit towards any other farm event, forever.

Indie Days!
These are personal workshops, private and full of one-on-one skill teaching time in everything from setting up a sheep fence to learning the fiddle. They are twice the price of a normal workshop but ten times the focus and attention.

Columbus Day Weekend 
Friday Night, Saturday, and Sunday!

This is the biggest event of the year! A small two-day homesteading festival with speakers, authors, demonstrations, workshops, talks and events such as beginner's archery and soap making as well as traditional woodsman skills and primitive crafts. In the past trees have been felled, draft horses had moved logs, axes thrown at targets, herbalism tinctured, sourdough bred started, bees and beer and more discussed! It's a great way to meet people and learn a lot!

All Hallow's Eve Farm Writers Workshop
October 31st 2015
10AM - 4PM

Come to Cold Antler Farm on Halloween for a very special workshop dedicated to talking about writing. Have you toyed with the idea of writing as a profession? Do you want to learn more about getting your work in print or how I went about publishing my own books? (I have gone through traditional publishers and am currently writing a book to be self-published.) Do you have writing you want to share with others, dreams of working from home on your own farm and making an income from writing at home? This is a workshop that will cover the freelance life as a small farmer. It will cover my personal experiences, successes, break downs, low points, high points, books, and what goes into a life this feral on a mountainside.

Meat Rabbit 101
Nov. 14th 2015
10AM - 4PM

Taught here at Cold Antler as well as the lovely Livingston Brook Farm. This is a beginner's guide to what goes into raising safe and happy meat right at home in the form of meat rabbits! It's a whole day to learn all there is to know about raising, breeding, housing and butchering (and cooking) rabbit from your own backyard. Price is $100, or use your season pass! Season passes are still on sale, by the way and include big events like Antlerstock 2015! Consider one!

Winter Finding Wool Day
Dec 5th 2015
10AM - 4PM

This is a workshop dedicated to the basics of working wool. The class starts with a sheep in the field, learning the basics of wool breeds vs meat sheep (both are here on the farm) and what goes into raising a homestead flock for wool. We will sheer a little wool off a sheep bring it inside to process and talk all things fiber! Learn how to wash and prepare wool for spinning by hand using traditional tools like carders and a drop spindle. Try a spinning wheel out and see how it feels to move the roving through your hands and turn it into the beginnings of a hat or sweater. There will also be knitting lessons if you have never learned, and everyone who attends gets a set of needles as a thank you to take home with some hand spun CAF wool from a sheep you just pat on the head hours before!

NOTICE: Workshops are non-refundable for any reason. However, if weather or illness prevents you from attending, your credit is good as long as I am hosting workshops here so no money goes to waste!


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