Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sae Will We Yet

I got an email from the guitarist of the band Cantrip early last week. He wanted to let me know that there would be another small house concert over in Arlington, Vermont. This email was a quiet thrill. I was so happy one of my favorite bands was going to be back here to play live. I immediately contacted Patty and Mark over at Livingston Brook Farm and told them about it. If there was one event not to miss, it was seeing these gentlemen playing the fiddle, pipes, and guitar right in front of you. The last time they performed it was amazing and I wanted to share it with the folks I love. I knew Tara and Tyler had already gotten the word (they were also sent the email via the band), and my hope was that all of us would get together for the small potluck and music on that fine night. Did, we, ever.

Patty and Mark picked me up at my place the night of the concert and we were off. We drove the twenty minutes over the state line in this little shire that is Veryork and ended up finding a dirt road with a hand-painted sign that said "CANTRIP" on it. We turned with gusto. I was so excited and more for Patty and Mark than for myself. I have never heard music played so well, with such love for the story and song, so close and I knew it would be a hit with my friends. We parked, were greeted by a happy mutt named Chloe (who looked like a flatcoat retriever but was a golden/black lab cross) and we made our way to the little yellow house in the clearing. There were off and on showers and sunlight and it made for a magical feeling to the whole night. Outside was a campfire blazing and tables and chairs lit by Christmas lights. It was one happy scene.

What followed was a night to remember. A fabulous and intimate performance by Eric, Dan and Jon. I was sitting about 10 feet away from their voices and instruments, Chloe curled up at my feet being scratched, as the music came out of them. The house was warm and wood-paneled and the sound was just as warm and inclusive. There were maybe 50 people there, a small show. I wish I could convey the smooth clarity, the bright guitar, the howl of the border pipes and the absolute magic of Jon's green 5-string fiddle. Mark and Patty were slapping their knees, clapping, and tapping their feet. Tara and Tyler were there in the front row smiling wide as Cheshire cats. The band played their entire new album, The Crossing, and included stories and jokes. That's a skill in itself, talking to a crowd of strangers well and making them feel part of something.

We all left inspired and happy. All of us picked up their new CD and on the ride home Mark blared Tom Tom, his favorite tune of the night. We had such a wonderful time and if you get a chance to see them as they tour about New England this time of year - do so. Their music is exactly what the band calls itself - a cantrip - a bit of Scottish magic. They're masters at what they do and it's a tragedy to women across the nations of this green earth that none of these men are single.

Keep playing guys. You make me want to learn the pipes!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

they are simply perfect!

July 25, 2015 at 2:19 PM  
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July 25, 2015 at 3:52 PM  
Blogger Rosie said...

Not too hard on the eyes either ;)

July 31, 2015 at 2:21 PM  

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