Saturday, July 18, 2015

Girl's Day Out!

Friday and I hit the road today, a girls' dat out. I wanted to take her to the Merck Forest Trials in Rupert, Vermont and then take a trip into Manchester. The plan was to do chores, pack the car, and head out for a day with a puppy. That's what happened. We got to the trial around 10AM and while we didn't stay long, we did stay long enough for her to meet plenty of people, dogs, and sheep and I got to meet two artists from the Sendak Fellowship. My relationship with ex-neighbor Maurice Sendak is the fact I go deer and turkey hunting on his old farm on Scotch Hill, but it was cool meeting artists and realizing we had mutual friends.

After the trials we went to the Northshire Bookstore, a real treat for me. The Northshire allows well-behaved dogs so Friday and I went browsing together and I got to buy a fancy cup of coffee and talk books with people from all over the world. Since Manchester is hosting a HUGE horse show with people attending to compete from Brazil to England - I had many accents and smiles loving on my little girl. She was so well behaved! I was proud of her, even if her benign mood had to do with being tired from a morning of illustrators and sheep. My only purchase, besides a cup of coffee, was OK Computer on vinyl. I love all types of music and especially Folk and Bluegrass, but OK Computer is the most perfect record of all time to me. It's been with me my whole life, and I still think listening to Let Down in your car in a snowstorm at night is the closest you get to transcendence. It'll sound great on the record player.

Let's just reflect that I live in a place where you can exit a sheepdog trial and buy Radiohead records within the same hour. With your dog. This is where I belong, bitches.

After the store we went to Orvis, just to putz around. We didn't buy anything but I got to meet some folks and so did she. It was fun to check out the fly selection and look at the giant trout out in the pond. I miss that place sometimes, it was 4 years of my life.

I came home to chores, work, emails, a 3 mile run taunted by deer flies and a jump in the river. I'm writing now with my Westinghouse Fan, river-wet hair, and a smile from my living room. Tomorrow is Goats and Soap - biggest attended workshop of the YEAR so far. I am pumped to teach it, and to show off the goats and all they do for this farm.

I hope you guys are well and kicking out there. This gal is tired and happy.

No Surprises.


Blogger Unknown said...

A rich and wonderfully varietal day; you packed and carried it out well. Not surprised. Good going Jenna and Friday.

July 19, 2015 at 11:10 AM  

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