Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Arrows & Rivers!

It's a humid and overcast morning and things are finally settling down from the long weekend. Chores are all done and the dairy pails are drying in the sink. Friday is asleep in her crate after a morning of chasing Gibson outside and playing with Annie indoors. I am at my computer for a stretch, the first chance I have had in a while, and am enjoying playing digital catch up with a hot cup of coffee.

So what has been going on here? Well, Saturday and Sunday was Arrow's Rising! A two-day archery event that included teaching five new archers traditional archery with their new longbows. We spent two days in the sun (and sometimes rain!) learning stance, safety, tactics, and instinctive shooting. Everyone was handed beautiful and powerful hand-crafted longbows, and seeing the way a person changes with a bow in their hands gives me a quiet thrill. People attended from ages nine to well into their fifties, all enjoying the weekend of target shooting, range rules, arrow finding, bow care, woodland shooting, demonstrations and discussions. Everyone had a wonderful time and I received some lovely thank yous on Facebook from those who attended. I am tempted to host a single day archery event in the fall as well? Maybe?

So that was the weekend. A happy and tired two days of farming and archery. I also took my first swim in the Battenkill and that clear river was a blessing on a hot and tired body. I know a few people around here have swimming pools but I am telling you they are wasting their money and missing out! A live river with new people to meet, fishing, currents, eddy and stone beaches is wonderful thing!

Yesterday I played hooky. More on that later (and the adventure with two great friends!) after I finish up a morning of graphic design work while the wind picks up and the sky threatens thunderstorms. I hope you are all doing well and had a good Solstice!


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