Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aim Well

It's a rainy day here on the farm and June is already past the halfway mark. That point in the calendar always lights a fire under my rump. I am here working on some logos and drumming up some business on this cloudy Tuesday.

I am offering my logos on sale, extended and have discounts on some big workshops coming up. If you are at all interested:

I am looking to fill the last 3 spots for Fall Fiddle Day Camp (Sept 12 2015) today. If you sign up with a friend, spouse, or teenager (ages 12+) for the day I will discount it very, very, much to get the spots filled. This class COMES WITH A FIDDLE, case, bow, rosin and you leave knowing how to play it. All you need to bring to class is an inexpensive book and CD, a guitar tuner, and a spare set of 4/4 violin strings.

Regular cost: $225 a person

Sale cost: $200 a person or $375 for 2 people signing up together!
That INCLUDES the fiddles.

Arrow's Rising, a 2 day archery workshop that comes with a handmade 25lb longbow has one open spot this weekend. Come for both days or just Saturday for a lower rate! big workshops coming up. If you are at all interested:

If you can't ever make a workshop due to distance or time, I of course understand. If you still want to support the farm there are many ways to do so that cost you nothing at all. Sharing the blog posts in social media, clicking on Adsense ads, sharing and watching Youtube videos and subscribing to the Youtube channel... just being a part of the community is encouraging.

For those who want to support this free blog and get some extra content, anyone who subscribes through monthly paypal donations of five dollars or more is welcome to join the Clan Cold Antler Blog - Which is updated less frequently than this blog but talks about much more personal, spiritual, and challenging things. When you subscribe just email me for the invitation to read the private blog. The goal is to keep updating it weekly (Wednesdays) but it is a few weeks behind. Clan members also get discounts on regular workshops, season passes, etc. Basically, it's a way to kick a little towards my writing efforts here if you want to. Some folks see it like a NPR subscription - paying for a form of news and entertainment offered freely. It's totally voluntary but every little bit helps keep this place going between writing projects and is so appreciated.


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