Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Logos for the Win!

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may remember the abscessed tooth I had a few weeks back? Several Dentist and Oral Surgeon visits later - the infection is treated and the pain is gone. I am so relieved to share that, and so grateful for my local dental superheroes. But I don't have health insurance or dental insurance and the last step in this problem is getting the root canal, which will be in two weeks if I can earn up the cash for it. While this couldn't come at a tougher time - my truck needs several hundred dollars in repairs to pass inspection. My goal is to sell enough logos to have a repaired tooth and a repaired truck.

So to help earn that money and get the work done, I am offering a sale on my logos for folks willing to wait until April for me to start them. If you ever wanted professionally designed branding for your cottage industry or small business, consider hiring me. I have done several dozen logos just this year. If you are wondering what a logo costs - this website describes it. But know my prices are in the "offshore" category.

How does it work? You email me with your interest and explain the feel of your brand. What you want a logo to look like? You send samples of logos you appreciate and would like to emulate. Then I put you on the design schedule and you will soon receive a sheet of comps for the first stab at your logo. We work back and forth until you are happy. There is no hourly rate. This is good and bad - good because you will never be charged for extra hours that go into this design if you aren't happy with the first 40 versions. However, it means working on it when I am able to. Which means a logo can take anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks. I have sent first stabs and had clients thrilled. I have also worked back and forth into minutia and still have logos to do from January.

Okay, so email me if you are interested. A logo is not cheap but neither was the 4 years it took to get my BFA in Communication Design, and my resume includes work for several large corporations. So If you are looking for a cool, unique, piece of marketing for your business, a tee shirt design for your family reunion, a club logo for your dog training team, or design to get turned into a sticker for your pickup truck - ask this girl.  Logos also make great gifts! You can give a logo design gift certificate to your sister in Ohio who just started selling her homemade jams. You could gift a logo for your father in law who is getting something printed on the side of his work truck. I am designing tattoos, posters for plant sales, and church picnics. All money goes towards fixing my tooth and getting this farm as solvent as possible going into spring. If you have no interest, perhaps you could share this with someone who might? I would appreciate that very much.


There are spaces left for this Fiddle Camp, coming up March 28th and 29th. If you ever wanted to learn an instrument and have a few days to come and visit the farm, meet the animals, cuddle with gibson and start learning to teach yourself a musical instrument - there is still time to let me know, get a spot, and for me to order your fiddle. The May camp is totally full for the one day event, but this workshop is wide open and I will offer a sale price for anyone who comes with a friend, child, or spouse. And if fiddles don't do it for you there are plenty of workshops on everything from soap making to archery. You can buy season passes as well and come to all workshops all year long for the price of just a few.

And if you have no interest in a logo, a workshop, or anything like that at all - you can always support the farm by choosing to subscribe to it via Paypal. The blog is always free but this kind of online busking lets you choose to automatically pay 5 bucks a month for the content you get here. It is voluntary, so only subscribe if you want to and can afford to do so - but man does it make a difference when readers say you're worth five bucks a month - to the spirit and the work.

Thanks for your time. Really, thank you.


Blogger mdoe37 said...

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March 17, 2015 at 6:43 PM  
Blogger Sparrow said...

I love your blog and have been reading for a couple years. I have tried a couple times to subscribe but it always fails apparently on my interpretation of the letters at the end - I'm sure I'm reading them correctly but it still fails. Is there another way to subscribe - can I send you a check?
Diane in California

March 23, 2015 at 1:14 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh man I soooo want to go to your fiddle workshop! đŸ˜ĢI'm working on manifesting it!!!
Btw I just shared your logo info with someone who's looking!😉

March 17, 2016 at 10:36 PM  

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