Saturday, November 1, 2014

Good Day for Hobbits

I have a cold. I’m not sick in the stay-in-bed-all-day sense (that would drive me nuts) but I am taking it slow. At 2:30 PM I started evening chores, super early. I topped off all the animals water, fed extra hay or grain, and made sure the pigs had a whole bale of fresh hay to snuggle into. I wanted everyone content and full in the early afternoon so come sundown I could crawl into a pile of covers and sleep off the coughs and sneezes.

I got the animal chores done and then decided to hit the pre-snow prep. Since I spent a good hour covering the kale with garden cloth and stacking the last of the split wood in the shelter of the side porch, I assume it isn't going to snow, Murphy being the lawyer at most farms. But it felt good to do the work.  The most storm and cold weather prep I did the more I started to feel better. I stopped sneezing and my nose stopped dripping. I brought in enough firewood for the rest of the weekend and then came inside to check out my favorite porn site ( for a fix. Looks like a low around 30 degrees tonight and slightly colder tomorrow. It'll be a chilly rain out there or a slushy snow, either way I am grateful for a good wood stove and warm dogs and having brought in all that damp wood to dry by the stove instead of hauling it in all weekend.

Right now I am inside watching The Fellowship of the Ring and enjoying the finest of medicines: hot cup of tea, lemon, honey, and some whiskey. Together they add a little courage to the cold. I'll be sleeping in a few hours, I'm sure, but right now I am just happy to have all the animals settled in and ready for the coming slurry of poor weather. Gibson is resting beside me, like always, and all I have to do for the rest of the night is watch Hobbits and think about how much better I'll feel tomorrow. And perhaps wake up to snow?!


Blogger Bonniejean said...

Your fall/winter daily life posts are like comfort food to me. They make me feel cozy and warm. I hope you feel better soon!

November 2, 2014 at 9:33 PM  

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