Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spring Fiddle Camp 2015!

March 28th and 29th, a Saturday and Sunday, will be the date of the next two-day Fiddle Camp. This is a workshop for people who love the sounds and songs of the country fiddle and feel they could never learn. It is for people who have never held a fiddle, can't read music, and feel they are too hopeless to even try. Nothing could be further from the truth! In three years of hosting this workshop I have taught many people (left and right handed, to boot!) to begin playing tunes for themselves at home. You will not leave sounding like Charlie Daniels, but you will leave knowing your first scale, your first song, and all the tools you need to teach yourself at home without expensive lessons. If any of you out there did attend a camp in the past, please share your experiences here for those who aren't sure they are suited for it!

Fiddle Camp comes with a fiddle, too! A student instrument that will get you started and not break the bank. The cost of the two 6-hour days of lessons and fiddle is the same it has always been $350. If you buy the season pass (on sale now for $300) you can reserve your spot at fiddle camp and I'll throw in the fiddle for FREE. So, you pretty much get a season pass and a fiddle. Not a bad combination, so why put off the dream of making that wonderful music any longer?!

All you need to bring to camp is yourself, the textbook (Old Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus by Wayne Erbsen), a spare set of fiddle strings, and an electric guitar tuner (I suggest snark tuners). The book costs around twenty dollars, strings are cheap online, so is the tuner. It's the least expensive way I know of getting a jump start on finally learning an instrument!

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P.S. Antlerstock is still half price for next year for folks who attend this year, but sale is over Friday night!


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