Friday, September 5, 2014

September Songs

It's September and I am loving every minute of it! Every day I have made time to go hunting, even if only for an hour. The only game in season are those tricky squirrels but they aren't the point. The point is find time to be alone in the forest, to be quiet, to be still. In the past four days I have not shot one squirrel but I have stalked up on unsuspecting does at sunset. I have watched spiders spin webs. I have learned to turn my head so slow it doesn't scare turkeys ten yards away and I have hiked miles upon miles. The first day I was winded after a small hill at a fast walk. Now my body seems to run on fumes out there, energy keeps at me like some forever well.

And that energy comes from two things: hope and fall. Few things motivate me like wanting and colder weather. I was the kid that couldn't wait to get back to school, who planned her halloween costume all summer, who was more excited for leaves turning than a July pool party.

Yesterday my friend Miriam came by for an adventure, a proper introduction to fall. We didn't hit the forest to hunt, but we did hitch Merlin up and go for a nice 8-mile drive to Stannard Farm stand for lunch and back. We stepped out of the driveway around 10AM and by 11 we had reached our destination, Merlin was in tip top shape! Now, that isn't to say the drive didn't go off without a hitch. Twice Merlin balked and wanted to turn around and trot home (being nearly a thousand pounds, the one holding the lines needs to have her wits about her to win that argument). But I figured it out, kept the passenger and myself safe, and when we stopped at the Farm Stand and Melissa and Jackie made us sandwiches for lunch, Merlin got water and treats and chomped on grass while we sat and watched hawks in the sky.

We saw so many animals that trip. We saw a red fox run across a field of cover crop rye. We saw deer in numbers. We watched a kestrel fly across the road in front of us with a mouse in her talons. We saw herons, vultures, crows, ravens, and finches. We saw wild turkeys and a groundhog scuttlecrawl across a dirt road right in front of Merlin (who could care less since it was carbon-based and not a plastic bag). We saw all these things we share the world with because we took the time to slow down. I'm sure folks who cycle, walk, jog, or just take time to pay attention notice as well. The world is so much more alive when it slows down, and so am I.

So, as I was saying, Autumn is on his way. I have wood being delivered, chimneys being swept, and hay to put up in the barn. There is a pig and lamb being slaughtered next weekend, colder weather on some mornings, and after this last summer punch of heat is over I'll be in full Sleep Holllow Mode, as I call it. More on that later. For now, know things are good here. Fall is my favorite song, and looking forward to playing it!

photo by Miriam Romais


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear ya, sista! Fall has always signaled the new year to me (not January). Going for a wagon ride with Merlin is on my bucket list.

September 6, 2014 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Are you still hunting with your falcon? I don't recall seeing any posts about that lately? I am with you. I love anticipating a storm boiling in the sky and rolling over English mountain at the end of a steamy day here in east TN.

September 7, 2014 at 11:53 PM  

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