Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm so proud of Joanna and Jasper. Today after my morning hunt I spent the holiday with her and the horses. It didn't take long to get the geldings groomed and tacked, and soon we were out exploring new trails on the mountain. Joanna is a new rider, just getting used to horses. Jasper is a good match for her since he is already trained and pretty easy going, but far from perfect. He tests her a lot and that's good. She has to make him circle, or move his feet, and learn groundwork and natural horsemanship and it is all coming together as we ride. A few weeks ago she was nervous and not sure what to expect. Today after a few stubbornness-stopping moves Jasper and her were covering miles along Merlin and I.

Jasper is still for sale, and I'm not sure he will sell. But today I watched a new rider cross countryside, forest trail, stony road and paved road with him. I watcher her groom him, tack him, mount him, and check his feet. He is a solid pony, healthy and good all around. The problem is he isn't a child's pony and few adults are a hundred pounds (like Joanna) and still have the moxie to outsmart a five-hundred pound animal. Maybe Joanna will end up with Jasper and maybe she won't but all this time they are riding together only makes him more tractable. They are a good pair, and I get to have a friend ride with me on my usual solo adventures on the mountain.

Jasper and Joanna: a match made in Jackson!


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