Saturday, September 6, 2014

Before the Storm

It has been so humid these past few days, my skin has not stopped glowing. The whole forest around the farm is tense, humming, alive. I love it. It feels hot enough for a firefly rapture, bringing back all those little lights that said goodbye in August. I am excited, loving the powerful anxiety all around me, waiting for the release that is a big storm. I know it is coming. The wind is coming down the mountain in bursts. The sky is growing dark. And the radar on the National Weather Service website is coated in greens, blues, and reds like Jackson Pollock grew frustrated with splatters and just dumped the whole damn can. I covered the meadowbrook cart with a tarp to protect it, got the hay I picked up from Common Sense Farm into the barn, and the grain was indoors to stop from turning into over-priced moldy bass food for the pond. In a few moments I'll get a shower and start cleaning up the house for my Game Night company tonight. I'll have plenty of extra candles and lamps out, as I am anticipating a night without power if these storms do what the service says they will.

I'm excited for the wind, rain, and coolness. I'm excited for the feeling of mint soap on hot skin. I am excited to go on an adventure with friends tonight around my living room table. I'm excited about the new horse cart. I'm excited about September, and fall's holy crown coming in the shape of changing leaves and cooler nights. I'm just so excited, guys. Things are getting better, the farm is running like clockwork, friends are all around, and October is no longer just a hope - he's a reality I can count down to. It's a great feeling, all around.


Blogger Sara said...

It sounds like Cold Antler is really living up to its name :)

And I hope you got that glorious storm! The storm here was fantastic. It went on for hours and well into the night. The air is so much cooler now and has this amazing crispness to it. I'm amazed my power didn't go out, since my street has homes well over 100yrs old, along with a tangle of tree limbs and power lines.

September 6, 2014 at 2:58 PM  
Blogger sandalfoot said...

Hot and humid here in NC as well (yesterday) when you wrote this. Cooler the next day (today....).when I read it. I was just wondering what games you and your friends play on game night! My 14-year old granddaughter, who lives in Chicago, visits us at the beach every summer, and every night for a week or more, we play "Scattergories". I had shelves of board games, but it is always "Scat
tergories". So the thrift shop is going to get a boatload of board games from me this week. Game night is such fun....hope yours was a good time for all.

September 7, 2014 at 9:24 PM  

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