Friday, September 12, 2014

Anterstock Is Coming!

You are invited to come visit the farm this fall! There are still openings for Arrows Rising, Dulcimer Day Camp, and even a few more slots for Antlerstock! You can get details on all of these events by clicking on the workshop link (with the bird on it) over on the right hand side of this blog. But even if those dates or events don't excite you, I am always hosting Indie Days and a have a few weekends free in this peak foliage season coming up. So if you ever wanted to learn the fiddle (and go home with one), harness a horse, talk sheep or pigs, or maybe just see what a One Woman Farm runs like - you are welcome. Workshops and classes are part of what keep this farm going and it's a grand way to make friends, meet readers, and see the farm through new eyes. Your energy and your efforts at these events are part of the sap that keeps the tree blooming - email me if you are at all interested in a private or group event!

On another somewhat related note: presenters at Antlerstock - I will be sending out an email shortly picking dates and times for your talks and presentations. If you have a preference, let me know. Most folks are excited to talk and share Saturday and have church or personal commitments on Sunday - but if you are here both days, consider Sunday! You'll be able to see more Saturday if you are free and not presenting. But as for now I have roughly scheduled traditional woodsman skills with Brett for Saturday AM, Cathy Daughton will talk about frugal living and preserving foods, draft horses with Patty Wesner for Sat afternoon. Beekeeping (urban and rural, intro) with Meg Paska Saturday - mid morning. Blacksmith forge and tent with Greg Clasby, All day Saturday. And evening campfire and music circle at the farm around 7PM. Pumpkins will be available for carving all day - getting a bin from the Troy market. Sunday will include archery, herbalism with Elizabeth, sour dough bread starters with Kathy, saddle horses, orchard 101, pigs, chickens, and dairy goats. Whew! More details to come! I can't believe how close it is!

Please join us for one of the many events coming up! In the next couple of week's Washington County will be gorgeous!


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We are SO excited!

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