Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wood Shed Started

Today good friends came to the farm,and good friends were needed. I was in a slump over the loss of Brianna, frustrated and depressed. You can get lost in that mess if you don’t start climbing out, and when Miriam and Keenan arrived here in the early afternoon I considered it a thrown rope.

They were all smiles and willing work and it lifted my spirits considerably. I’m not sure they noticed the elevation though, since when they arrived I was in the process of clearing out the woodshed of all the summer stuff (lawn equipment, random tools, scrap lumber, tarps, mower, etc) and throwing it on the lawn. It's hard to recognize appreciation when the appreciator is chucking 2x4s...There was a humble pile of wood cut and ready to stack, and we were going to start building up the fuel for winter, together.

So, we did that. We stacked and split. We carried and sorted. It was a sweaty and daunting business, mostly because after all that fuss I would say I have enough firewood put up for a mild October, but starting is the hard part and that is now done. I need to buy in at least another two cords, maybe three. My goal for August is to buy and stack one cord of wood. It’s one of my August goals at least. And tonight as the sun sets I know I at least have a start on winter comfort in a dry and safe place.

I’m grateful for the friends, the work, and the winter ahead. It’s a good goal to work towards. It’s part of the climb.


Blogger treebeardshollow said...

may sound trite, but is it possible maude head butted her? have you had a vet check her for type of sorry..wish you all the best a farm can give..again..sorry for the loss.. maybe youll find answers..maybe new life will spring, at least there is meat to come .:)

August 7, 2014 at 10:45 AM  

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