Tuesday, August 12, 2014

60% Funded! 9 Days Left!

The Birchthorn Project has hit the 60% mark, trotting towards the ever-important goal to start this writing contract with you fine people and create my first work of published fiction! I am so excited about it, and now it seems less like a dream and more of a possibility. Kickstarter is all or nothing, folks. If I am one cent short of the goal I don't see any of the money and the project doesn't happen, no pledges are collected, and it fails. If I meet or exceed the goal I can have the money in hand in 2 weeks from the last day of the project and start writing on the new blog with that audience of fellow creators! This project is more important than many of you may realize, very very important. Just donating one dollar through it shows you as an individual who supports the farm and kickstarter, and that matters. I hope you all can pledge, share this story, tell your friends, or whatever you can manage to help me make this goal in the next nine days!



Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Jenna, I've been following and enjoying your blog for years, and I'm glad to contribute to your kickstarter campaign. I have to say that I'm glad you switched to being able to pay through Amazon--I tried to pledge the other day, and kept trying, but it kickstarter wouldn't let me sign in (I had been signed up for another campaign), and wouldn't let me register as a new user either(grrrrr...). Just wondered if anyone else had that problem. Mucho good luck to you! Keep up the good work!!
Nancy Kane

August 12, 2014 at 11:53 AM  

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