Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2 Ribbons, 20 Bales, 1 Cord

I woke up this morning excited for a hay pickup and a day at the county fair, but found out through a phone call I had the event times confused and while I was on the road north to Hebron to buy hay, Patty and Steele were already trotting around the ring. So I missed them, sadly. But She did place second in Parade Class and third in Lady's Carting! I'm sharing their ribbon photo right here! Congrats to Patty and Steele!

So I missed the fanfare fair  I did get twenty bales of hay put up in the barn and reserved another 10 to go pick up. It is a good feeling, even that small dent towards winter feed. I also got a hold of a local firewood guy and he is delivering a cord next week. Again, not a huge delivery but enough that I can stack it out of the weather and save for the next cord.


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