Monday, June 2, 2014

Horses and Hot Air Balloons!

That title is very relevant here next weekend. This coming weekend here in Cambridge New York is the annual Balloon Fest! Every year hot air ballooning enthusiasts gather for a weekend liftoff. The sky is filled with airships of a sort, many landing right in backyards, fields, and even here near Cold Antler. The morning sounds of chickens and sheep are interrupted by blasts of fire and air as balloons fly overhead and land. It is a magical weekend, complete with concerts, crafts, vendors, and fair food. If you are anywhere around the area or want an adventure out of the city for a few days - come to my little down and buy a ride over the countryside.

Or, consider the first step to getting your dream of owning a horse or starting to ride. Saturday the 7th is a workshop I teach called The Farmers Horse. But you don't need to be a farmer, nor have a horse to attend. In fact, this is for people who aren't farmers or horse owners at all. It is for dreamers, people who wish they had a Haflinger in the backyard and a cart to ride to town with. People like me whose favorite part of Lord of the Rings is when Gandalf shows up into the shire with a pony cart and fireworks. It's for the people who think they can't afford to have horses be a part of their lives. It is for apartment dwellers, cat owners, and men tired of watching actors on Game of Thrones ride into the sunset when there are plenty of sunsets on their own land. The Farmer's Horse is for you.

Click Here for workshop details, but that is the gist. It's a day of hands-on experience learning about how to get into equines. Myself and Patty will be there, talking about how one horse (Steele for her, Merlin for me) changed our lives. It'll be an inspiration but also talk about the reality of costs, farriers, hay and the vet. We will also talk options for the landless. Things like leasing horses, lesson barns, boarding, and getting into riding for little or no cost if you are willing to work in exchange for lessons. I strongly believe if you want horses in your life you can make it happen!

This workshop is a place to ask any questions, learn to tack and groom, see horses in harness working, practice ground driving, pet, kiss, and learn what it is to have a horse, pony, or working draft animal in your life. Only two folks are signed up so far and I would be willing to make this a morning or half day event for folks who want to come for half price  and then go watch balloons fly about! I urge you strongly to see the beauty that is Washington County, feel some reins in your hands, tussle a mane, and maybe take off for the skies. There is a lot happening around here. Join us!



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Looking forward to Saturday okay if I bring a bag of carrots?

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