Thursday, May 29, 2014

Livingston Brook Lambs

Yesterday Gibson and I did some herding work with Patty's three feeder lambs. The little guys stuck together and did well and Gibson was able to keep them balanced after a few minutes of initial energy bursts from the trio. When He had them in a calmer zone Patty brought out her Old English Sheepdog Darla to do a little herding work as well. Darla comes from a long line of droving dogs, used to push and guard livestock. She is calm and is learning to keep the sheep between her and Patty. It was a nice morning in the cloudy light with a friend and good dogs and I think Patty and I will make this a regular training date. I wanted to share this picture of Gibson getting the "business end" of the sheep while he waited for me to tell him what to do next. Nothing like sheep fluff butts in the morning.

Now for that second cup of coffee...


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