Friday, May 16, 2014

Bees Coming Tomorrow!

While my hive doesn't look very pretty it is in great shape for Saturday's bees! After a summer without them (well, without them in the hive. The farm has plenty of honeybees living in the rafters of the old barn) I will finally be back in the honey business. To prepare for them the old abandoned hive needed to be cleaned out. I scraped away the mice nests and any signs of other infestation. A simple mix of water and peroxide was sprayed lightly on the interior of the wood and then it sat in the sun a few days for some old fashioned detox. Now the hive is ready for the package of bees my friend Patty is kind enough to pick up for me since I am hosting a chicken 101 workshop that morning. But by sunday on Saturday night there will be a hive at the farm, and the promise of at least a few golden jars by summer's end. I never harvest a lot that first year, but I do harvest a frame or two of the two supers. Hope tastes sweet, what can I say?

Man, what a life. For a woman with a dairy goat offering nearly a gallon a day and honeybees just hours from their welcome party, a gal can't help but feel a little blessed. For thousands of years people have searched for he land of Milk and Honey. Who knew it could be in your own backyard?


Blogger Peacemom said...

You're making it happen in your own back yard! Can't wait to see the jars of honey...would love a photo essay of the event when you harvest it. And Patty is surely a good friend, it's not everyone that would gladly pick up a box of bees for you! ~Vonnie

May 16, 2014 at 3:59 PM  

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