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Horses and Bows! Two Wonderful Workshops! Special Offer!

This is a workshop for anyone thinking about adding an equine to their life, and I do mean thinking. While it is wonderful if you already have the acreage, barn, and hay loft waiting for a horse to call it home - this is not a workshop meant for people going out to buy a horse the next day. It is for those who are enchanted, excited, and curious about what it is like to share your life with a versatile farm horse: one for riding, work, and as another form of transportation.

Merlin is my favorite way to get around. He's a 14 hand, thousand pound, British Fell Pony. He was born in Northumbria, England and comes from a farm called Hardendale. I didn't have him shipped across the ocean, but bought him thirty minutes from Cold Antler at age 16 and I am his fourth or fifth owner. I will be his last. I love him. And over the years readers of this blog have followed our relationship from Love at First Sight to the working animal I ride and drive as much as possible.

I was a new horse owner just a few years ago, but I dove in head first and now belong to a few clubs and have spent countless hours behind the driving lines and in the saddle. It didn't take as much money as I thought. It wasn't as scary as I thought. Hay isn't expensive around here and my farrier/trainer might be one of the most amazing horsemen this world has ever met.

I now have the skill set, tools, and gumption to gallop up a mountainside, shoot arrows from the saddle, drive on traffic roads to the local farm stand for groceries, and haul logs for firewood on my land. Horses have enriched my life, my farm, and my soul. They make things possible. They are entirely worth the effort if you have this particular strain of Barnheart. I'd love to help you get started!

So this workshop: This is a day for the curious - be you an apartment dweller or retired teacher looking for a long-overdue dream. I will have other horse folk with me, folks who ride and drive farm horses as well. Patty from Livingston Brook Farm will most likely be there (though I haven't asked her yet!) and some folks from my Draft Club will also be invited. More folks who know hoof and mane besides myself will be there for sure. It will begin as a conversation and Q&A where we will discuss what a backyard horse entails. We will discuss food, shelter, vets, farriers, time and money. We will evaluate hay samples, talk about nutrition, and what a decent horse costs and how to find them.

Then we will step outside and meet Merlin. We will learn about tack, how to put it on the horse safety and correctly, and how it should fit and what it does. We will do the same with a harness and cart, going over the pieces and parts as well. We may take a short field trip to LBF or Common Sense to see other working equines such as Steele the Percheron or the cultivating donkeys at the Commune! By the end of the day you should have a notebook full of sketches and numbers, stories, and know a girth from a hames and a collar from a bridle. This will be a hands-on experience for sure, and give you a better idea of what it really takes to take the reins in your own hands!

The Farmer's Horse
June 7th 2014
Cost: $100

Arrows Rising: October Light!

SPECIAL OFFER: Sign up for October's ARROWS RISING with a friend or spouse at a $200 discount (or $100 off each camp, still includs the bow) if you pay at the same time. Just put "Two For October" in the subject line! Get the full details! Good through Sunday!

This is a second session in October for Arrows Rising, the beginner's traditional archery weekend! Beltane weekend is already sold out, but I decided to host a fall version over the Columbus Day Weekend! If you have been watching folks load up their bows and arrows and in the movies and television, or in your favorite novels or history books - and felt that twinge of envy - stop. Stop thinking about taking up archery and join us! This is a weekend for people who never touched a bow or arrow and want to learn about equipment, fitting, draw strength, tools, aim, and practice. Come knowing nothing and leave with a skill and a beautiful bow of you're very own. If you would like to learn more about this class (which comes with a traditional longbow!) more details about the workshop can be found here!

Arrows Rising: October Light!
October 11th - 12th 2014
Cost: $350


SPECIAL OFFER: Sign up for October's ARROWS RISING with a friend or spouse at a $200 discount (or $100 off each camp, still includs the bow) if you pay at the same time. Just put "Two For October" in the subject line! Get the full details! Good through Sunday!

photo by Miriam Romais


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Wahhh, no words can describe my excitement about that Horse workshop!! Maybe I'll be able to wiggle a few days off to come to it... We'll see how my budget looks!

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